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Action Items (2008-11-21):

  • NCBC Team Action Items
    • codify API(s) (Csongr-Beth-Ivo)
      • Csongor: I started working on the "Lightweight API", i.e. the REST web services that will process biositemaps and will return an XML representation that can be consumed by iTools...
      • Beth: I've started working on a 'consumer' api that locates and queries biositemaps...
    • document knowledge of Google access to Biositemaps corpus and other access issue (Beth)
    • agree on official location of BRO and IM and easily accessible functions to download them (Csongor-Daniel)
    • finalize process for backward compatibility of BRO and IM (deprecation etc...) (Csongor-Beth)
    • get back to NCBC liaisons and (i) generate full corpus of NCBC biositemaps and (ii) expose biositemaps consistently to the Internet according to practices that Beth will disseminate (Peter)
    • get iTools to consume biositemaps corpus (Ivo)
    • get BioPortal to consume biositemaps corpus (Csongor-Daniel)
    • modify the BioPortal to index biositemaps corpus over more than BRO--see Beth's API (Csongor-Beth)
      • Daniel: ...providing a search box for people to search by tools using text queries... Harpreet might be able to do in conjunction with the CTSA supplement
    • Modify Biositemaps Editor to support multiple resource types (Csongor)
  • NCBC-CTSA Team Action Items
    • harmonize BRO-IM with CTSA IM; clarify which fields should reside in BRO and which in IM. Overall goal is improve biositemaps as format for exchanging information about resources, and reuse tools (Technical Tiger Team: Beth, Csongor, Kevin,...)