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Who: Natasha, Ivo, Beth
Background: See meeting Notes of 12/19/2008

Discussion and Current Status (2009-01-16):

  • Natasha: BioPortal has been updated with latest biositemaps data
  • Ivo: iTools does a weekly reload of biositemaps (rdf/xml) found using Yahoo search engine (note this search only finds 2 biositemap files)
  • Beth: Biositemaps registration application is now available
  • All: Follow up via email on action items -- next meeting end of January or when (updated) Biositemaps Editor and Biositemaps Search applications are ready for review

Action Items (2009-01-16):

  • Csongor
    • Update Biositemaps Editor with the following by end of January:
      • browse-mode
      • allow invalid classes
      • support multiple resource types
      • support harmonized CTSA biositemaps information model (byline dropped, several other properties added, biositemap_author not displayed for CTSA)
  • Ivo
    • Send Natasha IATR biositemap.xml file to be translated to RDF (Done)
    • Update iTools to make use of biositemap registry and cease using XML biositemap files by January 23rd
    • Publish IATR and CCB biositemap file on UCLA/CCB server
  • Beth
  • Natasha
    • Translate IATR biositemap.xml into biositemap.rdf format
    • Provide updated definition of available and proposed web services based on proposed list at bottom of [1] discussion. Note that some of these services are already available, some can be developed, and some will not be developed (tabled pending further discussion)
    • Email Joy at Stanford to review biositemap web site after above minimum requirements are met (e.g. here is where your current biositemap, how to view, update, etc.) when above action items have been resolved
    • BioPortal will leverage combined biositemaps API (when available, see above) to support more frequent/live updates of biositemaps data
  • Peter
    • Follow up with other NCBC's requesting updated biositemap.rdf data once above action items have been resolved