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Agenda for SDI tcon 20050617

Starting agenda items:

  • Agenda for July 7,8 SDI meeting (hopefully you all have your travel instructions). The Eval session will take most of Thursday July 7, and the SDI will start in the evening of the Thursday and finish at 3:30 PM on Friday the 8th. The draft agenda is on the wiki at This is our last tcon so please let me know if there are any issues that we need to deal with before the July 7,8 meeting. The idea is that July 8 should be a “roll the sleeves up” meeting.
  • I include the ppt slides from a recent talk I gave here at NIH on Open Source Software Frameworks. The subject came up from our recent discussions as well as discussions that arose out of the Interagency Multiscale Modeling Inititiative. If you can look at the slides we could discuss issues arising.

Later in the week I will send a call in number, and will also send the URL for a Macromedia breeze session so we can share our desktop environments. All best, Peter.

The minutes from our last meeting (Ivo handled this one as per our rotation) are at