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Agenda: NCBC Joint Working Group Meeting

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Friday, November 16, 2007: 2:30 -- 3:30 PM EST
Please contact Peter Lyster for information Peter Lyster
SDIWG Meetings Page
Save the date for the next SDWIG tcon/Connect, three months from now: Friday February 22, 2008

TCon Agenda


  • Discuss AMIA/ISCB translational informatics summit in March, see Panel Draft
  • Discussion of Biositemaps white paper and of authorship (see more details in 'Appendix' below).
  • Next 2 meeting dates set
  • Questions/Information Sharing

Appendix: Biositemaps white paper


Note taker: (Ivo Dinov) [Suggested order of note takers for future meetings: Dinov (this one); Chueh; Sherman; Schroeder; Floratos; Rubin; Jags]

  • Review of Sept 21, 2007 Minutes
  • Attendees: Dave Kennedy, Brian Athey, Suzy Lewis, Suzane Churchill, Jim Cavalcoli, Ivo Dinov, Jeanette Schmitte, Aris Floratos, Beth Kirshner, Joy Ku, Karen Skinner, Daniel Rubin, Karin Remington, David States, Jennie Larkin, Jags, Peter Lyster
  • Go over dates for next year's meetings:
  • Peter went over the minutes of last meeting ()
  • Peter went over the agenda
  • Peter will be away (dates?)
  • AMIA 2008 panel - Brian presented the status (still pending but we should assume we all have to be there).
  • Daniel/Brian/Others - ISCB/AMIA cross-over meeting? AMIA has two meetings (Spring/Fall). WG3 is leading this effort (URL). Link to proposal doc. Typo in doc... AMIA Meeting - March 10-12, 2008, Place?
  • NCBC AHM 2008 - available dates (June 30-July 02, 2007)?
  • Link NCBCs to CTSA's is important for success of the Roadmap.
  • Karin - todays Roadmap retreat - busy summer schedule.
  • Capacity of Lister Hill/NIH to house all NCBCs/reps/investigators for a NCBC AHM?
  • Lister Hill works as there are break out rooms.
  • Outreach sessions at NCBC AHM (dissemination events)? Karin was there in 2005 (spying!)
  • 7, 3 or 1 parallel sessions at AHM Dissemination events? Pros/Cons!
  • How about wrapping around the 3 WGs (Jenny Larking and Bill/Gill ...)
  • All NCBC reps should ping center PIs or email all PIs (may be better, Jenny, by next week).
  • Morning session day 1 - dog-and-pony session; followed by working sessions of WGs and finally dissemination events (Peter).
  • There is an enthusiasm among the PIs to get a collective NCBC AHM that provides functional connections and opportnities to echcange ideas.
  • NCBC/Collab projects may be invited
  • Mark - perhaps PIs should meet privately meet at AMIA to discuss programmatic issues.
  • SDWGI meets once every 3 months 11:30 AM (Pacific), third Fri of the month.
  • Tutorials for the Sci Ontology WG for the March AMIA meeting (Suzi?)
  • Mark, Brian, ? had discussions on ontologies at the CTSA meeting
  • Brian - proposal for a panel at the ISMB'08. Brian will email Suzan and Neal and take it further.
  • Peter - update on the Chicago meeting.
  • There are 7 WGs in the CTSA informatics consortium. Phone, face and ... for a set of recommendations that can be leverages in a paper discussion on clinical informatics. List that was agreed upon was clinical/aplied science (Brian)?!? How to tranlate to list to tranalational science endeavor. NCBCs need to be aware that the CTSA informatics group is really active. We need to synch with them and the NCRR has high expectations in the CTSA Informatics WG.
  • Mark - programatic issues in creating NCBC/CTSA interactions. Instead of awaiting institution to get a CTSA award we need to bring them updated with NCBC progress. Invite them to NCBC AHM 2008.
  • Page where all these meetings are listed? Peter - please make a link here (on top of SDWG site)
  • Status of BioSiteMaps and iTools ...
  • domain purchased.
  • White Paper authorship, clear aims, roles, technical blueprint? Consortium authorship? BISTI/NIH publication policies? Audience?
  • iTools papers has explicit authorship list.
  • White Paper (BioSiteMaps) Consortium Authorship of NCBCs. Future maintenance? Nature BioTech, as pub venue?
  • Whether to perge iTools and BiositeMaps papers? All centers will have 1 contact person (center liaisons) send an email to Peter, Ivo and Daniel that you will provide comments back to us in 2 wks (by Dec. 01, 2007). Perhaps separate papers.

Action Items