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NCBC Joint Working Group Meeting

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Friday November 20, 2009: 2:30-3:30 PM EST
Please contact Peter Lyster for information Peter Lyster
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Save the date for the next SDWIG tcon/Connect, three months from now: Friday February 19, 2010

Tcon DRAFT Agenda


  • Note taker: [Suggested order of note takers for future meetings: Whetzel(this one), Jags (next one), Dinov, Murphy, Ku, Schroeder, Floratos]
  • Review of March 20, 2009 Minutes
  • Attendees:

Zhong Li - NCBC Driving Biological Projcets Interactions and Impact

  • Review of new DBP map ( - latest version of map)
  • For each DBP, include a short sentence. In the future, a mouse-over will display a short description of DBP. The text bubble can also have email address and other information added as requested. Other suggestions are to include a legend at bottom to let user know what they can check on.
  • Future plans are to add this in the context of the NCBC web site. May also want to co-locate this with the NCBC calendar.

Kevin Smith - Biositemaps

  • Presented at CTSA All-hands meeting. Resources were collected from 38 CTSA institutions totaling 782 resources.
  • The Information Model and BRO were extended through work with NCBO and NCIBI.
  • Future plans are to enhance the inventory and further promote Biositemaps.

Mark Musen - Scientific Ontologies

  • Outline has been drafted for ontology evaluation paper.
  • Include discussion of OBO Foundry as self-proclaimed ontology evaluators and use of wiki for ontology evaluation.
  • Further work on paper is postponed until after renewal.

Joy Ku - Dissemination and Calendar

  • Google Calendar lists events and training events across centers. The information is then collected and sent to NIH mailing list. Since the information is taken directly from the calendar, would prefer that people add a description of event as well.
  • Email includes events for 2 months and information providers are reminded to update their calendar via email.
  • Suggest to add the NIH mailing list subscription information in email since others forward this colleagues.

Action Items

  • TBD