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Welcome to the Slicer3 101 page (under construction)

Slicer 3 has been envisioned as

  • an easy-to-use application for 3D image analysis and visualization,
  • an open-source environment for software development,
  • a technology delivery platform for community breakthroughs.

Slicer3 is distributed under a BSD open source license, and is designed to enable a collaborative development environment.

For course related questions, please send an e-mail to Sonia Pujol, Ph.D. (spujol at

Software Installation

The download instructions will guide you through the installation of the Slicer3 software appropriate to your platform.

Level 1: Getting Started

The Slicer3 course for users introduces the basics of loading, visualizing and interacting with data in 3D.

Tutorial: Data Loading and Visualization in Slicer3 - Dataset: SlicerSampleVisualization.tar.gz

Level 2: Developer Training

The Slicer3 course for developers teaches how to plug an external executable to Slicer3. This tutorial is intended for engineers who want to to integrate external programs with Slicer3 using the new Execution Model, and leverage the visualization, data integration and processing capabilities that are available in the Slicer3 environment.

Tutorial: Slicer3 Course for Developers - Dataset:

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