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Prerequisite software:

  1. CMake (2.2.3 or later)
  2. Tcl/Tk (8.4 or later)
  3. VTK 5.0
  4. ITK 2.4 (or later)
  5. KWWidgets CVS head


$ svn co Slicer3
$ cvs -d co VTK
$ cvs -d co Insight
$ cvs -d co KWWidgets

You may choose to take VTK5 instead of VTK CVS

  • Configure and build ITK
  • Configure and VTK
  • Configure and KWWidgets (You need to specify where your VTK build tree is)

Build and Run Slicer3

  1. Check out and build slicer3 (e.g. on linux)
 svn co Slicer3
 mkdir Slicer3-build
 cd Slicer3-build
 ccmake ../Slicer3

Start slicer with the Slicer3Launcher executable in your bin directory.