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<big>'''Note:''' We are migrating this content to the slicer.org domain - <font color="orange">The newer page is [https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Slicer3:Contributing_codes_to_Slicer3 here]</font></big>
The goal of this page is to give quick instruction to download Slicer3 from Subversion Control (SVN) server, and contribute codes by committing them back to SVN.
== How to obtain Slicer 3 codes from SVN ==
The Slicer3 svn repository sits in a server at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. You can checkout codes by:
svn co http://www.na-mic.org/svn/Slicer3/trunk Slicer3
'''You don't need to obtain an account discussed below''' if you don't commit codes back to the sever, but we enthusiastically invite you to do so.
== How to commit codes ==
First, fill the form at https://www.kitware.com/Admin/SendPassword.cgi and under Comment type "Request password for NA-MIC Sandbox". '''It says NA-MIC Sandbox since Slicer 3 is part of NA-MIC activity.''' Once you have access to write to SVN, you can work with repository using the following commands:
To update repository:
  svn update
To check current state of your edits:
svn status
To check the current state compared to the repository:
svn -u status
To add new file:
svn add filename
followed by (very important):
svn commit -m"ENH: Adding a new file" filename
To remove file:
svn remove filename
To rename file:
svn move oldname newname
If the update results in conflict, fix the file first before commiting it.
Once you have fixed the file:
svn resolved <filename>
==GUI tools for eash SVN handling==
It is handy to use GUI tool for SVN. I particulary like a cross-platform GUI tool called [http://rapidsvn.tigris.org/ RapidSVN].

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Note: We are migrating this content to the slicer.org domain - The newer page is here