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This page will track work on the Slicer 3 web presence, including the redesign of and the collation and archiving of information. It builds upon NA-MIC 2006 AHM project page. The following sections outline the tasks that are part of the project.


There is a large amount of material extant related to Slicer. An archive on the new site was proposed by R. Kikinis to capture the information. Dated documents will link to specific versions of Slicer.

Old Content Index

Content Index

Home Page

The goal is to have a home page that review board members, the general public, Slicer users, and Slicer developers (both new and old) will be able to make efficient use of.

Redesign by IFactory - url?

Static Documentation

Image Gallery

Developer's progress on Slicer 3: VisualBlog


Some workhorse scripts and forms will be needed to support the new functionality.

Download Site

In progress: | Download site

To Do:

  • apply style sheets
  • integrate with the license agreement script so that all access must be through it

License Agreement

Developer Access

CVS write permission request form

Dynamic Documentation

Slicer Wiki