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The community at AHM 2012
Google hangout in full swing. JC needs some front light :)

Attendees: JC, Steve, Chris, Slicer Users, Slicer Developers, NA-MIC Engineers, and More!

Venue: Google hangout.

Hours: August 20th, 10am until ???

To participate, send your google+ account address to "Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin" <> and he will invite you to the hangout. The invites and a link to the google hangout will be sent to various email lists 5 minutes before the hangout starts on August 20th.

The goal of this meeting is to review outstanding bugs, find volunteers to fix them, and define the features needed in future releases of Slicer!

This meeting is open to the community! All are welcome and encouraged to participate. Join us, contribute to Slicer, and participate in the meeting to make Slicer an even greater success!


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Planning Considerations

  • Goal is to have a robust set of features in a stable release to support dissemination efforts
    • Prime target for 4.2 release is RSNA Nov 25-30, 2012
    • Release must be available on Monday November 1st, 2012 to support preparation of training materials and installation at RSNA.

The courses we teach at RSNA are hands-on sessions in classrooms equipped with Windows computers. The computers are provided by a company that pre-load all of the different software platforms used to teach at RSNA. The software installation is done by the company on Nov. 1st. The RSNA release must be ready and all tutorials must be tested by that date. No dead-line extension is possible.

  • RNSA 2012 Planning Table
  • Developers need to make realistic estimates of time required and time available to address targeted issues. These estimates need to be taken into account when determining priorities. Your colleagues will be depending on you to make realistic estimates so that they can plan accordingly.


JC, Nicole, Andras, Steve, J2, Andrey, Chris, Greg, and Stephen

  • Nov 1 have executable ready for RSNA
  • Oct 15 to Nov 1 fix errors found by tutorial testing
  • Oct 1 to Oct 15 formal tutorial testing organized by Sonia
  • Sept 1 to Oct 1 bug fixes driven by tutorial testing conducted by developers
  • Sept 1: Feature freeze for 4.2.


JC, Nicole, Andras, Steve, J2, Andrey, Chris, Greg, and Stephen

  • Extensions are our #1 priority: Macs, dependencies, etc. These will be fixed for 4.2.
  • ITKv4 is our #2 priority, but it isn't going to make it by Sept 1. Packaging and building generally works on all platforms according to Steve P, HOWEVER, it is extremely slow to load images and certain key modules still depend on ITKv3. Please check with Steve for details. Our fear is that this conversion is going to require extensive testing, and we don't have time for it. So, we have decided that ITKv4 won't be in 4.2.
  • Annotation system will be addressed by bug fixes to the current implementation.
  • Data Bundle will be in by Sept 1.
  • SceneViews will be addressed by bug fixes.
  • System-level python will not be in 4.2 - we will continue with the current implementation.

To Do's

  • Between 11:00 and 2:30 on Monday August 20: review your bugs on the tracker and be prepared to discuss them when the hangout resumes at 2:30.
    • Nicole: I went through the unassigned ones and assigned all of them, feel free to re-assign them
    • Also: Some bugs are still targeted for Slicer 4.1.0, and lots for 4.0.1 and 4.0.0
  • Week of Aug 20
    • JC is going to re-assign bugs and features to different releases in more details this week. We will all review and then move forward to getting it done.