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DWI/DTI Breakout Session

June 26th, 4-5pm

Location: Grier Rooms A & B: 34-401A & 34-401B


  • Katharina
  • Marek Kubicki
  • Sylvain Bouix
  • Raul San Jose
  • Lauren O'Donnell
  • Marc Niethammer
  • Casey Goodlett
  • Jim Miller
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • John Melonakos
  • Ran Tao
  • Demian Wassermann


  • Current design and work in progress: what has it been achieved?.
    • MRML structure.
    • Display options.
    • Slicer-matlab interface.
  • External applications
    • FiberViewer
  • Core interaction modes: What do a DTI study needs from Slicer 3?
    • Visualize raw DWI data
    • Seed regions.
    • Display glyphs.
    • Scalar measures
    • Tensor transformations
    • ROI-based tractography/connectivity.
    • Stochastic tractography.
    • DWI/DTI to structural registration.
    • Study End-points: tract-based measurements vs. ROI-based measurements.
  • New trends: shaping Slicer3 into the future
    • Multiple tensor model: basic design ideas.
    • High angular resolution studies.


Fiber Viewer stats on fibers may be available this week. They also have fiber resampling.