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Tutorial Session on ITK


  • How do you efficiently integrate VTK and ITK with respect to reading and writing images? Is there one class that can be used to hold data sets for both libraries?
  • How to do FFTs in ITK?
  • What type of coordinate space should be used, voxels vs. real space?
  • What type of image formats should be used?
  • Is there any standard way to read in coefficient files, i.e., algorithm specific parameters?
  • How are XML/MRML files parced in ITK/VTK? We want to know how to use the vtkXMLparser and MRML objects to parse our XML files.
  • What are the memory and performance issues with ITK?


  • Jeff Hawley
  • Kunlin Cao
  • Kai Ding
  • Xiujuan Geng
  • James Harris
  • Gary Christensen
  • Paul Song
  • Jake Nickel
  • Nick Kiguta