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*In progress
*In progress
**Tokyo tutorial: [http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/images/9/9f/3DVisualizationDICOM_RadiologyApplications_SoniaPujol_JRC2013.pdf |Dicom tutorial Tokyo 2013]
**Tokyo tutorial: [https://na-mic.org/w/images/9/9f/3DVisualizationDICOM_RadiologyApplications_SoniaPujol_JRC2013.pdf |Dicom tutorial Tokyo 2013]
**[[Media:DiffusionMRIanalysis_Tutorial_08-05-2013.pdf|Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tutorial]]
**[[Media:DiffusionMRIanalysis_Tutorial_08-05-2013.pdf|Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tutorial]]

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  1. Step 1 is update the tutorials to a recent version of Slicer: Slicer4.2.2013-06-24 (r22121)
  2. Step 2 is to report any bugs to the Mantis Bug tracker
  3. Step 3 is to implement self-tests for the tutorials.
  • Weekly Update of Work Accomplished
    • August 1-7: Parth and Matt worked on the Diffusion MRI Analysis tutorial. We were only able to finish 75% of the tutorial because we ran into a memory issue when trying to conduct glyphs and tractography. This issue has been reported to the bug tractor and the issue is currently being solved. As of now, the tutorial still remains incomplete until the new nightly 32 bit installer is updated.
    • August 12-16: During this week, Parth updated the issues with the current updated tutorials on the wiki page that Chrystel and Yuzheng had reported to [1]. Parth created mini clips of fMRI images using a screen recording application named Jing. He inserted text in the mini video clips and edited the video using a video editing software named Camtasia.
    • August 19-23: Parth is working on surveys created by Sonia Pujol and running tests to see how accurate they are working. Also, Parth and Matt are editing the images in the survey by applying text with the team numbers using a software named GIMP. Parth updated the 101 wiki page with the 2013 Summer Contest Tutorials.
    • August 26-30: During this week, Parth and Matt edited more images for the surveys using GIMP. Also, they took new screenshots for the Neurosurgical Planning Tutorial since the GUI has changed for the newly updated Slicer. The latest version of the Neurosurgical Planning Tutorial is posted above in "completed" tutorials. Parth and Matt will finish working on the Diffusion MRI Analysis tutorial.