Tractography Study Telephone Conference Nov 16 2007

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Minutes from T-con November 16 - 2 PM EST/ noon MST

Attendees: CF Westin, Ron Kikinis, Tom Fletcher, Casey Goodlett, Sylvain Gouttard, Vince Magnotta, Jeremy Bockholt, Tri Ngo, Sonia Pujol, Sylvain Bouix, Anastasia Yendiki, Randy Gollub (others I missed?)

  • Agreed to go forward with the MIND Reliability data set and use of Freesurfer white matter segmentation masks (and complete Freesurfer segmentation) to be provided by Randy Gollub/Jeremy Bockholt
  • Adjustments to dataset: remove measurement frame information
  • CF to make xythos account for holding the raw and processed tractography results data generated by all groups
  • Sonia/Randy to provide all ROIs and indicate source/sink for them
  1. All data to be posted on SRB/xythos by November 26th


  1. All ROIs to be posted on SRB/xythos by November 30th- 1st set done by November 30th
  2. All sites to download and test first case and give feedback re: preprocessing and ROI problems as well as provide exemplar results by December 7th
  3. All sites to upload full results by December 14th
  4. Slide presentations of results and planning of next step in project Wednesday January 9, 2008 at the AHM (see


  1. Unfortunately the first visit of case M02100023 is missing the phase and magnitude maps, so no EPI distortion correction can be done. Thus, we have n= 9 test-retest w/EPI distortion correction, n=10 w/EPI distortion correction for single session comparability between algorithms.
  2. The first set of ROIs (for case M02100024_visit1) is now ready, and it includes the following tracts: the Cingulum cingulate gyrus (left & right), the Cingulum Hippocampal (left & right), the Uncinate Fasciculus (left & right), the Fornix, the Corpus Callosum - Forceps Major, the Corpus Callosum - Forceps Minor and the Internal Capsule (left & right).

Marek suggested that we not include the Arcuate Fasciculus based on the poor outcomes that all the tractography algorithms - except for the Stochastic tractography method- demonstrated during the Santa Fe meeting. If anyone feels strongly that this should be included, reply all and we will work to add it.

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