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Attached is a montage of the meeting of Core 1 (Georgia Tech Tannenbaum lab) and Core 3 (UC Irvine Fallon Potkin Kuester) this past long weekend (Thurs-Sun) as per Salt Lake City NAMIC meeting directive to "...put Fallon's brain into Tannenbaum's computer..." ie Neuroanatomical structures with many shape types and levels of difficulty into mathematical shape algorithms.

Very successful meeting.

Fallon Tannenbaum Kuester labs LR.jpg

Top left- Allen Tannenbaum, John Melonak, Jim Fallon, Ramsey Al-Hakim (Fallon house) Top right- Fallon (Fallon house) Middle left- Tannenbaum, Fallon Middle right-Zhiyu He, Falko Kuester, Ramsey Al-Hakim, John Melonak, Jim Fallon, Martina Panzenboeck (Kuester UCI Visualization Lab) Lower left- John Melonak, Zhiyu He, Ramsey Al-Hakim (Kuester UCI Visualization Lab) Lower right- Allen Tannenbaum, Steven Potkin, Ramsey Al-Hakim, Thang Nguyen (Fallon house)

Not shown- Fri mtg at UC Irvine BIRN/NAMIC lab/conf room