Volume Rendering

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Key Investigators

  • Isomics:Alex, Steve
  • KnowledgeVis: Curt Lisle
  • NCI: Yanling Liu


Revise the current Volume Rendering module through the inclusion of new rendering methods. Simplify the code implementation while trying to preserve the good interaction ideas which were implemented already.

Approach, Plan

  • Separate code into GUI-MRML-Logic components architecture.
  • Create reusable components for clipping with ROI.
  • Provide persistence/reuse of transfer functions and their MRML representation.
  • Enable easy integration of other volume rendering techniques.


  • Yanling and Curt integrated GPU based volume rendering algorithm into Slicer3
  • Yanling, Curt and Alex discussed a plan for re-design:
    • MRML nodes for ROI, transfer functions, lut's, parameters (Alex)
    • GUI separation, widgets for separate components (Alex)
    • Volume rendering pipeline and logic (Yanling, Curt, Alex)