2016 Winter Project Week/Projects/BRAINSFit in MeVisLab

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Key Investigators

  • Hans Meine
  • Steve Pieper
  • Adam Rankin (observer)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Perform interoperability tests with "interesting" CLI modules in MeVisLab
  • Leverage Siemens' Syngo.Frontier platform for integrating CLI modules
  • Potentially interesting CLIs discussed so far:
    • BrainsFIT
    • CIP (Chest Imaging Platform)
    • UKFTractography
  • Identify and address potential blockers for using these CLIs in MeVisLab/Frontier
  • Design a small demo GUI / visualization
  • Also check interoperability with fiducial support (cf. Nicole's recent coordinate system fixes)
  • pointfile support added to ctk-cli
  • ctk-cli properly moved to MeVisLab's ThirdParty repository
  • Issue filed about pointfile addition to spec / XSD
  • got simple network with CIP's CLI modules running in MeVisLab
    • no fatal issues
    • only one seed point can be passed to lesion segmentation

Background and References