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BIRN Data Grid

  • July 27, 2005
    • BIRN-CC compute cluster available for general usage
    • Integration of SRB and Condor for the BIRN compute cluster is complete. Ability to utilize GSI proxies for SRB access on cluster allows for remotely scheduled jobs to have access to SRB. A full description of this implementation is available as part of the NAMIC pages for distributed computation via condor: Engineering:Project:Condor_Job_Submission
    • JARGON Java SRB libraries updated ot allow for (and use as default) client initiated connections to allow for more usability behind firewalls
  • February 3, 2005
    • BIRN-CC is working with the Condor group from Wisconsin to improve the scheduling of analyses (e.g. JHU is running large submissions on TeraGrid) across distributed computational resources and will also allow BIRN to pool many resources together into a seamless larger computational pool available to BIRN researchers. This should enable the efficient distributed utilization of computational resources over the Grid. The Condor project's goal is to develop: "mechanisms and policies that support High Throughput Computing (HTC) on large collections of distributively owned computing resources. Guided by both the technological and sociological challenges of such a computing environment, the Condor Team has been building software tools that enable scientists and engineers to increase their computing throughput." (http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/)
    • BIRN-CC has specified additional requirements for the JAVA SRB libraries (JARGON, http://www.npaci.edu/dice/srb/jargon/) to allow for client initiated connections and these changes are currently being worked on with a planned delivery date around February 16th. These changes will increase the utility of the Java library so that it can be utilized behind firewalls that allow client initiated connections. The SCommands already have this feature and can be utilized behind these firewalls.
    • For firewalls that do not allow client initiated connections (e.g. GE site in NA-MIC), the BIRN-CC has configured and tested a "tunneling" server that will allow users to tunnel their connections through SSH to the SRB server, thereby allowing SRB access in these environments as well.
    • In conjunction with JHU, BIRN-CC is modifying its configuration of the MCAT server to better handle the large number of jobs being submitted by JHU on TeraGrid. Initial tests with Timothy Brown went well. BIRN-CC will notify JHU when the configuration changes are complete so that we may run larger tests.
  • January 20, 2005
    • Testing and monitoring of interactions between LDDMM, TeraGrid and the BIRN Data Grid is planned. Timothy (JHU) will be doing an LDDMM run with some dendrite data sets for the Mouse BIRN in the near future. BIRN-CC will coordinate with him when he starts the processing.

BIRN Portal

  • April ,2005
    • Portal application launcher updated with new JARGON SRB library to allow for better usability behind firewalls
  • February 3,2005
    • A problem with the utilization of the Portal application launcher was found to be related to the JARGON SRB library. This issue is being addressed (see February 3rd notes for Data Grid above).
    • Updates to the QA results were disabled due to a configuration change. The updates have been run (all the information in the QA area should be up to date as of February 1st). Automatic updates should progress normally. Please let BIRN-CC know if data you have uploaded is not reflected in the summary/query pages by the next week.
  • January 20,2005

A way of listing the modules in CVS which is auto-updated every hour has been added to the Portal:


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