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Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes July 12, 2011

In attendance:

  • Chris Herrick
  • David Wang
  • Darren Sack
  • Yong Gao
  • Paul Lamonica
  • Randy Gollub
  • Kathy Andriole (phone)
  • Jesse Wei (phone)
  • Bill Hanlon (phone)
  • Valerie Humblet
  • Steve Pieper

mi2b2 software update

  • Dave and Chris have just finished mi2b2 development version 6. They are ready to deploy it at MGH and Darren is ready to help them. Next week they hope to deploy it on the Production server for Vincent to test the following week. The BWH servers should be ordered this week. We discussed with Paul Lamonica the relative benefits of two options: 1) to make the CHB a "virtual server" or 2) they can purchase and install a new physical server. In either case the disk space should be backed-up.
  • Dave showed slides of new features added to the mi2b2 workbench in version 6. Thanks to improvements in task management and cache management, users can now cancel, delete, and prioritize imaging studies before, or as, they are being moved from the PACS to the mi2b2 server.

Baby brain test of i2b2/mi2b2 at CHB

  • Randy worked with Jon Bickel to do the i2b2 query for the baby brain project at CHB last Wednesday. The radiology codes are not yet properly entered into i2b2 so the query only retrieved 26 hits when >10,000 were expected. Jon is working to update the radiology data content. Randy is working with Ellen to gather a list of MRNs that would be approved to test with and Randy helped Jon to do a hybrid query to gather a list of appropriate patients even without the radiology information.
  • Steve and Ron Kikinis submitted their i2b2 query at BWH this week so they will be ready to test the BWH mi2b2 version 6 software when it is deployed next month.

mi2b2 Radiological Decision Support

  • Some ideas for off-shoot financial support were discussed including an NIH RFP for technology development and a Partners RFP for Personalized medicine. Several ideas came up and will be looked into for possible new driving projects that use mi2b2.