DBP Iowa Huntington's Disease 2014

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  • Time 4-5pm
  • Goal: Final polishing of developed tools for application to large multi-site DWI data.
    • Review tools from the git@github.com:BRAINSia/NAMICExternalProjects.git and ensure that complete set of necesasry tools exist
  1. External_ANTs.cmake
  2. External_BRAINSTools.cmake
  3. External_Cppcheck.cmake
  4. External_DCMTK.cmake
  5. External_DTIPrep.cmake
  6. External_DTIProcess.cmake
  7. External_DTIReg.cmake
  8. External_DTI_Tract_Stat.cmake
  9. External_Eigen.cmake
  10. External_ITKv4.cmake
  11. External_MultiAtlas.cmake
  12. External_NIPYPE.cmake
  13. External_SimpleITK.cmake
  14. External_SlicerExecutionModel.cmake
  15. External_SlicerJointRicianAnisotropicLMMSEFilter.cmake
  16. External_UKF.cmake
  17. External_UnbiasedNonLocalMeans.cmake
  18. External_VTK.cmake
  19. External_teem.cmake
  20. External_tract_querier.cmake
  21. External_zlib.cmake
    • Modify the existing Slicer modules so that they are stream-lined and can comunicate better together
    • Discuss which of the internal modules should be re-bundled into a cohesive package
    • Create Slicer workflows (SimpleITK+Python+NIPYPE provides this in the non-stable releases) We need JC to help with this.
  • DBP PI: Hans Johnson
  • Algorithms as CLI modules: Martin Styner, Francois Budin, UNC
  1. Work need so done to make tools more work better together. In particular, masking operations need implicit resampling to be included. Currently if the spaces for the mask and the images are even 1e-6 off, then the programs will refuse to run.
  • Engineering: workflows in collaboration with DBP: Dan Marcus
  1. Extensions to XNAT to support **MASSIVE** amounts of derived data integration.