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  1. Administrivia (Dan)
  2. Summer Retreat (Tina)
    1. 5-min project update from programming week teams: Martin/Casey/Ipek, Dave T, John M.
    2. sandbox update from Andy, Luis
    3. computer availability at retreat
  3. Open Line (All)

Attendees (please add your name if it's missing):

Luis Ibanez, Andy Cedilnik, Dan Blezek, Jim Miller, Bill Lorensen, Xiaodong Tao, Tina Kapur, Steve Pieper, Michael Pan, Nicole, Josh, Casey Goodlett, Martin Styner, Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran, John Melonakos, Ipek Oguz

Meeting Notes:

  • To counter the issue of spam on MediaWiki, Andy suggested a temporary, custom sign-up process (which mandates users/ subscribers) to have a valid email-id. Also, since the authentication and email-notification modules feature in the MediaWiki's roadmap, it was decided that we could wait for the release version 1.5 which should take care of spam and unwanted postings.
  • Since some of the attendees might not have laptops @ the Programmers Retreat, Steve suggested that old desktops could be arranged at the premises, but would prove cumbersome because of the un-anchored nature of the retreat. People agreed that having a couple of loaner powerbooks for attendees without computing power would be a practical workaround to the problem. Steve has offered to look into the availability of the loaner laptops.

Project Updates

  1. Casey
    1. Developed an ITK module, which works pretty much like an ITK module.
    2. Although the latest version of ITK now supports morphometric image files, it still does not support images with tensor data.
    3. The team needs help from the NAMIC Eng core-2 team to support the NERD formats in ITK.
    4. Xiaodong suggested that he could put up the module (that he coded up) to read such images, in the sandbox so its accessible for other project members.
      1. Here is a new page on NRRD DWI Header and code snipppet for getting the gradient information from the MetaDictionary--Engineering:NRRD DWI header information. An example of using NRRD DWI to reconstruct tensors has been checked into the NAMIC-Sandbox in directory NrrdDWITensorReconstruction.
  1. Josh
    1. Talks are being held with Luis (Kitware) to figure out the detailed requirements, including needed parameters etc. Since this project does not care about gradient-direction issues, the dartmouth data should be necessary and sufficient for the project.
  2. Martin (Project:Process Visualization & Project:Object Population Representation)
    1. Talks are being held with Tom Fletcher (Utah), but needs good support from NAMIC Eng: core-2 team.
    2. Frameworks for executing the tests and feedback on upcoming drafts of projects would be needed.
    3. It was decided that Jim Miller would be the Core 2 contact for this project.
  3. John (Including a Bayesian segmentation algorithm into ITK)
    1. The module/algorithm has been implemented and tested in Matlab. The transition from Matlab to ITK is in progress and is expected to proceed smoothly. More updates could be expected @ the Programmer's Retreat.
  4. Bill
    1. Announced that he would be working on the project involving a registration algorithm which would be integrated with ITK

Action Items:

  1. Casey offered to check with Guido and other concerned authorities for granting permission to external users to access the data on the project wiki page.
  2. Casey volunteered to put links to the data on Martin's project wiki page.
  3. Loaner laptops could be arranged at the programmer's retreat. Contact Steve Pieper if you can't get a laptop of your own.