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  • Programming week follow up. All project pages and 3-blocks will be updated. 5-minute update from each project team.
  • Administrivia
  • Open Mic


Dan Blezek, Tina Kapur, Xiadong Tao, Katie Hayes, Nicole A., Will Schroeder, Luis Ibanez, Jags, Steve Pieper


  1. Update given to the group about the annual progress report, NIH questions, and our responses: available here. We should continue to report engineering milestones, and put links to this page.
  2. No updates from the programming week. Reminder: deadline is August 31st for closure on programming week projects. We will also present these projects at the AHM in January.
  3. "Jan" (Dan and Jim) have been continuing the brainstorm command-line interfaces... self-describing executables... with simple GUI.
  4. Alex and Steve have reconciled coordinate systems between Slicer and ITK, VTK/ITK wrappers for translation, versor, ...
  5. Image Editor: let's explore the possibility of having a prototype editor by the AHM. Stretch goal for sure. Here is the team of folks who are interested in this and willing to meet in September to kick off the project: Tina Kapur, Steve Pieper, Dan Blezek [Please add your names here.]
  6. Update on grid from Jeff. Jason is no longer on NAMIC and a new member will be representing UCSD shortly (could be Dolly, the clone).
  7. Luis took a couple of naps in the tcon but recovered with A+ responses: "... I am concerend about feature creep", and "let's do it in FLTK."