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The principal sources of MEG (magnetoencephalogram) and EEG (electroencephalogram) are synchronous synaptic currents in the cerebral cortex. Under special circumstances, activity in the cerebellum as well as in certain subcortical structures can be detected as well. MEG and EEG provide an instantaneous view of neural activity and thus are complementary to fMRI. The combination of MEG/EEG with fMRI provides images of brain activity with high temporal as well as spatial resolution.

Our facility is equipped with the Neuromag Vectorview system, comprising 306 MEG channels (2 planar gradiometers and a magnetometer at each of 102 sites) and 128 EEG channels, located within an Imedco magnetically shielded room, with a shielding factor of approximately 250,000 at 1Hz. Computer-controlled visual, auditory, and somatosensory stimulation systems as well as behavioral response monitoring are available in the laboratory. Our comprehensive suite of analysis software allows smooth integration of MEG, EEG, MRI, and fMRI data.

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