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These wiki pages are used to curate meetings and events of interest to developers and users of open source software for medical image computing.

NA-MIC was founded as a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, software engineers, and medical investigators to develop computational tools for the analysis and visualization of medical image data. It was funded from 2004-2015 using a grant, U54 EB005149, from the NIBIB NIH HHS. NA-MIC created infrastructure and environment for the development of computational algorithms and open-source technologies, and created training and dissemination mechanisms for these tools to be distributed to the medical research community.

While NA-MIC itself is no longer a funded research effort, many research projects driven by NA-MIC technologies continue.


Please visit the Events page to learn about meetings that to take place to continue biomedical research seeded by NA-MIC.

Slicer 4.10 released in November 2018. See the Announcement for more information.