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Multi-site morphometry in Schizophrenia

Our Objective is to compare morphometric/volumetric differences in a multi-site anatomical sample of schizophrenic subjects, in collaboration with the FBIRN consortium. Subject morphometric scans will be sent to UCSD's morphometric processing lab (Dale) for automated processing. A system for submitting morphometric scans to processing pipeline and retreiving/wrapping the results for inclusion into FBIRN HIDs will be developed. The project will also be used to drive the development of the workflow processing system being developed by Shawn Murphey's group.


This is a liaison project with FBIRN, to apply the NAMIC toolkits to the FBIRN structural datasets. FBIRN's focused on functional methods, and the structural analyses are not an FBIRN project per se. Data will be made available according to BIRN Datasharing guidelines.

Two hundred subjects have been collected, in some cases with a repeated T1 scan, in 3T and 1.5T scanners. Discussions of morphometric analysis methods are underway.

Key Investigators

  • Irvine DBP 1: Turner, Potkin, Fallon, Keator