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The Radiology Computer Aided Diagnostics Laboratory (RAD CADx LAB), Directed by Gordon J. Harris, Ph.D., occupies a 900 sq. ft. suite including 5 offices and a central area at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The 3D Imaging Clinical Service occupies a 400 sq. ft. room in the hospital Radiology department to provide clinical image analysis capabilities and clinical research imaging analysis.

The RAD CADx LAB runs both UNIX and PC-WindowsNT based software applications. We are a Silicon Graphics Center of Excellence, with two Onyx2 supercomputers with Infinite Reality Graphics. In addition, the lab currently has twelve Pentium4 computers, a SUN Ultra 2 Workstation, six GE Advantage Windows and five Vital Images Vitrea 3D image processing workstations, as well as equipment from numerous other image processing workstation vendors (Tera Recon, Voxar, Mirada, R2, Materialize, etc). All computers are networked with an HP Laserwriter, a Codonix DICOM color/film printer, and connected to the internet via 100bT connections