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NCBC Joint Working Group Meeting

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Friday May 28, 2010: 2:30-3:30 PM EST
Please contact Peter Lyster for information Peter Lyster
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Save the date for the next SDWIG tcon/Connect, three months from now: August 20, 2010

Tcon DRAFT Agenda


  • Note taker: [Suggested order of note takers for future meetings:Dinov (This one), Murphy (Next one), Ku, Schroeder, Floratos, Rubenson, Jags]
  • Review of February 19, 2010 Minutes
  • Attendees: David Rubenson, Ivo Dinov, Karen Skinner, Susanne Churchill, Gil Omen, Trish Whetzel, Will Schroeder, Zohara Cohen, Peter Lister.
  • Peter/Zohara - dissemination efforts / NCBC Calendar; NCBC web-page, DBP interactions (access-stats, maps). How useful/used is the NCBC Calendar? Possible to add NCBC-Cal to Google/Personal Calendars.
    • Email and Calendars are now low-maintenance.
    • There are about 200 subscribers to this list (NCBC-Cal?)
  • Peter: Merger/Symbiosis of DBP and Calendar efforts.
  • Peter release of the RDS (Resource Discovery System).
  • CTSA/Biositemaps WG continues to make progress. Released RDS V.2?
  • Trish: latest efforts on [ BRO]. NCBC/CTSA collab - request from Pitt to include new regulatory branch - continually updated. Need to continue discussions on:
    • Update existing Biositemaps.RDF files and account for deprecated RDF constructs. Auto updates?
    • Extending the IM (Information model) to allow tool interoperability and comp-tool integration.

Action Items

  • TBD