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the goal of this project is to test and validate the mapping of 5-ALA response in neurosurgery on the intra-operative MRI. This project is join project between Tokyo Women's Medical University and Brigham and Women's Hospital. A part of challenge is to develop proxy software to convert BrainLAB and Open IGT Link. Cavity-Tract Project, Project Valentine!



Yoshiyuki Konishi, PhD, Takashi Suzuki, PhD, Brainlab CURVE


Nobuhiko Hata, PhD Junichi Tokuda, PhD

Tasks (milestones)


  1. [Cancelled]Contact Medtorinics representative regarding research contract to obitan and validate the Stealth Station 2
  2. [Cancelled]Contact Leslie Holton ("Holton, Leslie" <>) to see the status of Chinese and Kyusyu collaboration. Mention TWMU project. Report the outcome here.
  3. [Cancelled]Contact Daisuke Inoue <> for updates.
    1. Due 2/14/2012,担当者 波多先生が大まかに電話連絡.詳細はメールで鈴木が連絡.
    2. Mock versionのwindows版の使用の可能性確認
    3. VVLink2が使えること
    4. NeuroのStationの貸出
    5. アピール点:11opeの環境をBrainLAB+Slicerで置き換える.→2013年9月中旬からBrainlabの使用がスタートします!
  4. IRB
    1. これまでの許可の合わせ技でクリアする?(特にソフト関係は倫理委員会では理解されない.)
    2. 念のために包括での申請.
    3. ハーバードでは「他の大学で認められている」という言い方もしている.


  1. Download 3D Slicer source code and compile
  2. トラクトグラフィをTWMUのデータで描く(新しい東芝のMRIのデータで描けるか)
  3. test communication with BrainLAB system via VVLink
  4. place blob with color ( to be discussed)
  5. place blob with color a location given by Open IGT Link
  6. Summer programming week.Transition to 3D Slicer verison 4. Learn how to use graph function

Resource Management

  1. 梅津研
    1. シグナス班の人材をハントする.ハーバード大学への留学の可能性アリ!
  2. 佐久間研へのアプローチ
    1. 小池くんの現状を確認する作業
    2. 清水くんの吸引管+ファイバのデバイスがどうなっているのか.

dead line

  1. 次回は3月15日の週にレビューをする

meeting history

  1. 2012/05/29 discussion with Mr.Etoh from BrainLab
  2. 2012/06/18 discussion with Mr.Etoh from BrainLab

coming topics

  1. develop a software in 5ALA to understand how to modulate output.
  2. develop mock software to send 5ALA output


  1. Preparation
    1. Install Slicer 4.3 and SlicerIGT module from Extension Manager.
    2. Ask Brainlab technical staff to open port 22222, that is necessary for OpenIGTLink communication. From our experience, this port is initially closed.
  2. Connection
    1. Select OpenIGTLinkIF module and click + button in Connector tab.
    2. Select IGTLConnector under Scene. At this stage, Type ?, Status OFF, Hostname -, Port 18944.
    3. In Properties area, IGTLConnector is shown in Name. Check Client radio button and input IP address and port number (22222) in Hostname and Port.
    4. Click Active, then message window appears on the Brainlab console.
    5. Select OpenIGTLink Remote module, and Select IGTLConnector from Connector list in Data Query Area.
    6. Click Start Button, then OpenIGTLink (ResearchLink in Brainlab system) connection is established.
    7. In OpenIGTLinkIF module, you can see a new item in I/O Configuration area. Scene -> IGTLConnector -> IN. MRML Type xxx, IGTL Type xxx. (Details will be added on 20140214.) Pointer model (green stick with a sphere at the end) does not appear if you change Vis to open eye. You can see the data transfer status from Transform module.