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Key Investigators

  • Kilian Pohl
  • Yong Zhang
  • Nicole Aucoin
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Steve Pieper


Create an Annotation Module that combines and expands existing mark up capabilities in Slicer

Approach, Plan

Based on the 2 day brain storming session in December, we will create a User interface using Qt and implement the MRML structure. We will be the test case for how to create a new module with QT in slicer. We will also have a break out session in order to get more feedback from potential users of the software.

  • Wendy will meet with Kilian and design GUI presentation/custom icons.


  • Kilian created a ui file designing the user interface of the annotation module (see screen shot)
  • Julien took the UI file to generate a module in Slicer
  • Julien and Kilian integrated fiducial functionality in Annotation Module - the QT module now interacts with the Viewer
  • Created new MRML Structure to integrate new annotation capabilities in Slicer
  • Julien initiated initial table modification functions
  • Steve, Ron, Kilian agreed on following naming convention: Application will be called task, the Annotation Module is called Reporting, and the Annotation Application module will be named Report Task.
  • Created Bi-weekly Tcon focusing on Annotation