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*[[NAMIC_Wiki:DTI:Nrrd_format | DTI:Nrrd_Format]]
*[[NAMIC_Wiki:DTI:Nrrd_format | DTI:Nrrd_Format]]

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Key Investigators

  • UIowa: Hans Johnson, Mark Scully, Joy Matsui
  • GE: Xiaodong Tao


Gather requirements in support of refactoring the DWI DicomToNrrdConverter.

Approach, Plan

Meet with anyone interested and establish a list of known requirements for DicomToNrrdConverter. Collectively brainstorm approaches to the refactoring, such as the use of GDCM 1.2 vs. GDCM 2.x vs. DCMTK. References:


Current DWI variations list:

  • slice ordering (S->I vs I->S),
  • transfer syntax endianness (big, little, and unknown),
  • slice arrangement (mosaic vs split, slice interleaving vs volume interleaving),
  • #B-Values (single vs multiple),
  • gradient vector reference frame (LPS vs patient oblique),
  • slice orientation (orthogonal vs oblique),
  • multiple B0s (all at beginning, all at end, interspersed)
  • vendor (different ways of storing diffusion information),
  • software versions (changes in how diffusion information is stored and interpreted).