2013 Project Week:AgileMedicalRobot

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Atsushi Yamada, Nobuhiko Hata
  • Canon: Taka Kato, Onuma


To develop a system architecture for MRI-guided liver ablation robot, and identify the critical software modules in Slicer, OpenIGTLink, NITRO

Approach, Plan

  • Identify system components in the robot
  • Identify workflow in the target clinical application
  • List system "phases" for each workflow items
  • Discuss the tasks for each components at each phase
  • Identify information to be exchanged to accomplish the tasks
  • Identify the information to be logged for recovery from crash and emergency stop
  • Design incremental development phases with test and validation
  • Identify virtual and real system components to be developed
  • Identify resource sharing mechanism among component developpers


  • Created the repository
  • Created sequence diagram by using ArgoUML
  • Documented the following items to Wiki
    • Identified clinical workflow, system components and tasks
    • Identified states and information to be exchanged
    • Planned incremental development phases
  • Designed igtlRobot (OpenIGTLink extension) based on the workflow and implemented parts of the extension message classes.
  • Created virtual components for Robot control unit, Slicer to perform the communication of each device by using igtlRobot.
    • capable of comprehending "state" and "information to be exchanged"

Delivery Mechanism

  • The documentation to be contained in NCIGT wiki site.