2014 Project Week Breakout Session: Contours

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  • Purpose: Present purpose and current state of Contours data type in the SlicerRt extension with the hope of integrating them into the core, come to agreement in technical details and action plan
  • Time: Wednesday 1:00-2:30
  • Participants: Adam Rankin, Csaba Pinter, Andras Lasso, Steve Pieper, JC, Nicole, and everybody who is interested


  • Present current state of contours (Adam) (slides in progress)
  • Discussion on the features and implementation details
    • Change propagation - what happens when a repr. is changed?
      • Delete other repr. if nothing references them (ref. count)
      • Re-convert those that are used
    • Issue of the original ROI contour points
      • Should we try to update it if we change some other repr?
      • Is it just another repr or it's the "ground truth"?
    • 2D display of contour
      • Add contour object to the slice view control drop-down combobox
      • Filled (labelmap), outline (model slice intersection)
    • CLI contour support
      • Contour selection widget
      • Representations
    • Storage
      • Only save source representation or all?
      • Representations in one file or more?
      • In what format? Concealed standard files (different extension) or standard files with attributes specifying contour as target object?


  • See contours project page (TODO)