2014 Project Week Breakout Session: Slicer for users

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Wednesday, 11-12

This will be an informal discussion of new features in 3D Slicer. Some of the extensions will be mentioned as well.

  • Markups (Nicole)
  • Improved handling of transforms including non-rigid (Andras Lasso)
  • Data Store
    • Registration library (Dominik Meier)
      • brief overview over the Data Store access to the Registration Library (Example Case)
      • example case, link to tutorial pages, screencasts, FAQ
      • new support for nonlinear transforms and transform visualization (Demo Dataset)
    • Tutorial data sets
  • Extensions:
    • Slicer RT, subject hierarchies and multi-objects - Csaba Pinter (slides: pptx pdf)
    • IASEM ( Ion-Abrasion Scanning Electron Microscopy ) - Bradley Lowekamp
    • Carrera - Ivan Kolesov
    • TCIABrowser - Alireza Mehrtash