2014 Summer Project Week:EM-tracked prostate US calibration with Plus

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Andrey Fedorov, Jay Jagadeesan
  • Queens: Tamas Ungi, Andras Lasso

Project Description


  • To calibrate tracked acquisition of freehand ultrasound (BK ProFocus with bi-plane BK8818 transrectal biopsy probe, video captured using Epiphan framegrabber) and Ascension medSafe EM sensors.

Approach, Plan

  • Experimental setup used equipment provided by BWH AMIGO Suite. We used the Plus Server application to interface with hardware devices. Tracked ultrasound was sent to Slicer from Plus Server, and the Fiducial Registration Wizard (from SlicerIGT extension) was used to calibrate sagittal and transverse arrays of the probe. We used the workflow described in the tutorial on the SlicerIGT website for ultrasound calibration.


  • Calibration has been completed. We recorded scan of a prostate phantom, performed volume reconstruction using Plus, visualized it in volume rendering with overlay of live ultrasound. The original recorded data can be replayed in Plus Server to simulate experiments in Slicer.