2014 Summer Project Week:PathExplorer Extension

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Laurent Chauvin, Nobuhiko Hata
  • Queen's University: Tamas Ungi

Project Description


  • Refactor code to be able to use PathExplorer from other modules
  • Maybe update UI to be more user friendly
  • Update documentation
  • Create tutorial

Approach, Plan

  • Will meet with Tamas to discuss how to refactor source code, and user interface
  • Update documentation accordingly
  • Create tutorial


  • Refactoring the code into the logic was more complicated than expected. It requires to modify the whole module implementation.
  • During this process, I decided to re-design the interface to be more user friendly. In the same time, after attending some discussions and breakout sessions, I thought it would be useful to include curved trajectories into PathExplorer (currently only linear trajectories).
  • We brainstormed with Tamas about the new design and features. Tamas suggested to reuse Fiducial Registration Wizard module (from SlicerIGT) to place fiducials, and CurveMaker (after some modifications) to generate the trajectory, then we would use VolumeResliceDriver (with some modifications) to reslice along the path.
  • Implementation of new UI has started