2014 Summer Project Week: RWV mapping support

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Key Investigators

  • Ethan Ulrich, Univ. of Iowa
  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH

Project Description


As defined in the DICOM standard, the Real World Value Mapping Information Object Definition specifies a mapping of the stored pixel values of referenced images into some Real World value in defined units. This allows the capture of retrospectively determined mappings, e.g., for values that cannot be determined at the time of image acquisition and encoding. We aim to allow support for DICOM Real World Value Mapping objects in Slicer.

Approach, Plan

  • Design a DICOM importer plugin that recognizes RWVM series and creates DICOM loadables for each RWVM factor.
  • (For Iowa) design a DICOM PET plugin that generates the RWV mapping factors during examination for loading, and invokes RWVM plugin for these newly created series
    • Expand upon DICOM RWVM support work done here


  • Discussed RWMVs with David Clunie. They are meant to supercede the RescaleSlope and RescaleIntercept tags.
  • DICOM Real World Value Mapping Plugin:
    • Added source on GitHub here
    • Plugin is able to read RWVM objects in the file list, generate loadable instances for each RWVM value detected, and load a selected series.
  • DICOM PET SUV Plugin:
    • Added source on GitHub here
    • Plugin first searches for existing RWVM objects related to the selected series and creates new ones if needed, generates loadables, then calls DICOMRWVMPlugin to load the series
  • For the near future: