2014 Winter Project Week:SubjectHierarchy

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Key Investigators

  • Queen's: Csaba Pinter, Andras Lasso
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • Kitware: Jean-Cristophe Fillion-Robin

Project Description


  • Review the current state of Subject Hierarchy
  • Discuss features to develop and things to change
  • Create roadmap for the integration


  • Subject hierarchy enhanced to better support handling Huntington's longitudinal data, video
    • Volumes subject hierarchy plugin handles labelmap and proper show/hide of volumes in the slice viewers
  • Subject hierarchy module and mechanism presented in the breakot session, a lot of valuable feedback was given (see below)

Received feedback

  • DICOM back into SH? Derived vtkMRMLDICOMSubjectHierarchyNode class? For tags, UID, maybe levels?
  • DICOM connections
    • "All DICOM all the time" (@QIICR) means for import/export on disc, not in memory
    • Tree vs DAG: Support DAGs? How to display them? "Infinite trees"?
    • Update referenced UIDs and references when reparenting and the connections are known (plugins reparent method)
    • Look at BioImageSuite (by Xenios) - User manual chapter 15 (page 193)
      • Connector lines in the tree are colored (indicate status of registration?)
  • Export
    • Override the selection made by the user to the most sensible one (if they select a contour, the RTSS is also selected)
    • Determine mandatory tags for export
      • Stored in the plugins?
        • Maybe in XML or JSON templates that are read by the plugins?
        • Collect tags from plugin dependencies
    • Use DICOM header widget with some changes (ctkDICOMObjectModel + ListWidget)
    • Similar modalities to export (legacy, multiframe, enhanced) - separate plugins?
    • Explicit representation of DICOM tags in Slicer in separate class?
    • Ask for mandatory DICOM tags and connections (e.g. after conversion, resample, manual plugin selection)
  • Use cases
    • Neuro
      • Multiple modalities (different MR types)
      • Display tractography
      • Register volumes and indicate the registration status in the tree (in the icons)
    • Data probe custom readout (e.g. dose)
    • DICOM slice offset into the slice views
    • Displayable manager customizable behavior
      • Scalar volume types e.g. multi-component vector volumes
      • Volume rendering transfer functions
  • UIDs
    • "2.25.hash" DICOM UIDs will be generated as new UIDs (perhaps even instead of MRML IDs in the future)
    • What happens to the UIDs if we modify a node?
      • Create new SH node and move the data there?
    • MIDAS url should be a SH storage node property? (Julien)
  • Plugins
    • Give confidence value of -1 if the node cannot be handled for sure?
    • Per-structure labelmaps
    • More abstraction: Qt, JavaScript etc. -> presentation managers
    • Icon could be in the MRML node as a resource (string)
    • Move core plugins into their corresponding modules after integration (Volumes, Transforms, Markups, etc.)
  • Create dummy parents for loaded node if there is no parent (Study, Patient too)
  • 'Unclaimed' section on the bottom of the tree instead of potential list? (Jim)
  • Drag&drop would be difficult if there is a lot of nodes in the tree already
  • Generate thumbnails as icons for volumes
  • vtkSubjectHierarchyConstants -> vtkMRMLSubjectHierarchyConstants?
  • qMRMLSortFilterPotentialSubjectHierarchyProxyModel be merged into qMRMLSortFilterSubjectHierarhcyProxyModel?
  • Maybe a Q_PROPERTY controls their different behavior?
  • Propagating / Overwriting attributes
  • In the model, for example for "height" of an item
  • Select and drag&drop multiple nodes from the potential list