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Welcome to the web page for the 18th Project Week!


The 18th PROJECT EVENT was held January 6-10, 2014 in Salt Lake City. It recorded 70 registered attendees, who worked on 66 projects. These attendees represented 13 academic sites (Brigham and Women's Hospital, University of Alabama, UNC Chapel Hill, MIT, UIowa, Queen University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, Stony Brook University, Shiga University of Medical Science, SCI Institute) and 4 companies (Kitware, Isomics, GE Research, AZE Technology). The agenda and projects are detailed below.

A summary of all past Project Events.

Project Week is a hands on activity -- programming using the open source NA-MIC Kit, algorithm design, and clinical application -- that has become one of the major events in the NA-MIC, NCIGT, and NAC calendars. It is held in the summer at MIT, typically the last week of June, and a shorter version is held in Salt Lake City in the winter, typically the second week of January.

Active preparation begins 6-8 weeks prior to the meeting, when a kick-off teleconference is hosted by the NA-MIC Engineering, Dissemination, and Leadership teams, the primary hosts of this event. Invitations to this call are sent to all NA-MIC members, past attendees of the event, as well as any parties who have expressed an interest in working with NA-MIC. The main goal of the kick-off call is to get an idea of which groups/projects will be active at the upcoming event, and to ensure that there is sufficient NA-MIC coverage for all. Subsequent teleconferences allow the hosts to finalize the project teams, consolidate any common components, and identify topics that should be discussed in breakout sessions. In the final days leading upto the meeting, all project teams are asked to fill in a template page on this wiki that describes the objectives and plan of their projects.

The event itself starts off with a short presentation by each project team, driven using their previously created description, and allows all participants to be acquainted with others who are doing similar work. In the rest of the week, about half the time is spent in breakout discussions on topics of common interest of subsets of the attendees, and the other half is spent in project teams, doing hands-on programming, algorithm design, or clinical application of NA-MIC kit tools. The hands-on activities are done in 10-20 small teams of size 3-5, each with a mix of experts in NA-MIC kit software, algorithms, and clinical. To facilitate this work, a large room is setup with several tables, with internet and power access, and each team gathers on a table with their individual laptops, connects to the internet to download their software and data, and is able to work on their projects. On the last day of the event, a closing presentation session is held in which each project team presents a summary of what they accomplished during the week.


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Background and Preparation

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Atrial Fibrillation

Huntington's Disease

Head and Neck Cancer

Slicer4 Extensions



Brain Segmentation

Image-Guided Interventions

Radiation Therapy


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease