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Project: Angular smoothing and interpolation of diffusion weighted MR images


  1. Develop an ITK filter to smooth and interpolate DW MR measurements angularly;
  2. Test and validate the method by using slicer on the smoothed and interpolated datasets.

Current Status:

  1. Partially implemented in ITK, as a stand-alone program.

Test Data:

  1. Dartmouth diffusion weighted images (2-baseline 12-diffusion-weighed images)
  2. A better angular resolution (30 directions) DW adataset from Johns Hopkins

Team Members:

  • Xiaodong Tao, GE
  • Dennis Jen, MGH

Summary Slide:

File:2006 AHM Programming Half Week DWIAngularSmoothing.ppt File:2006 AHM Programming Half Week DWIAngularSmoothing-Update.ppt