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Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes November 18, 2008

In Attendance

  • In person:
    • Carolyn Zyloney
    • Gordon Williams
    • Laura Alice
    • Bruce Rosen
    • Gordon Harris
    • Simon Warfield
    • Bill Hanlon
    • Clare Tempany
    • Annick D. Van den Abbeele
  • Via phone:
    • Randy Gollub
    • Bob Lenkinski

1. Catalyst PCIR Reviewers

  • Harvard Catalyst is recruiting people from different disease areas and cores to review proposals for studies to be supported by the Catalyst.
    • The task of reviewing proposals was previously designated to the GCRC Advisory Committees at each individual center.
    • Those grants that are not NIH or peer-reviewed will be put through a full scientific review process and scored. NIH grants will not undergo full scientific review but will be put through a logistical and administrative review.
  • The Imaging Consortium members agreed to serve as reviewers for these proposals.
    • The proposals can be distributed among the consortium members via the consultation service.
  • Proposals will be evaluated on their feasibility within the Harvard CTSC.
    • The Imaging Consortium members will consider if the imaging resources exist within the Harvard CTSC and are adequate to accommodate the demands of the study.

2. Imaging Information and Acquisition Liaison Job Position

  • The Imaging Group agreed that communication and organizational skills are key for this position. Several applicants appear to possess these skills in addition to a broad technical knowledge of imaging.
  • The group reviewed the applications from three promising candidates and expressed unanimous approval of inviting these candidates in for an interview.
    • A subgroup of consortium members, representing all institutions, agreed to give interviews.
    • Applicants invited in for an interview will meet with at least one consortium member from each institution.

3. Tour of TIMC at 25 New Chardon Street

  • Gordon Harris and Bill Hanlon gave a presentation to the group on the TIMC and its business plan.
    • The TIMC offers data analysis services for imaging data from oncology clinical trials at a fee-for service.
    • The TIMC analysts provide reliable and consistent standardized tumor measurements of radiological images to evaluate treatment response for oncology clinical trials