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Harvard Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, Imaging Consortium Workspace

Welcome to this on-line archive of current and past HMS affiliated medical imaging activity! The original intent of these wiki pages was to encourage quick and efficient communication among the Harvard Catalyst Imaging Consortium and the broader Harvard Catalyst community. However, changes in the structure of support for imaging in the Harvard Catalyst has resulted in new leadership and new offerings. Please visit the main web page for the current organization: Harvard Catalyst. This site is being maintained for archival purposes and also for support of the still active (mi2b2) project.

Mission statement

The Imaging Consortium:

  • provides expert consultation to assist clinical and translational investigators in the planning and design of medical imaging research.
  • educates about both general and current state of the art medical imaging and image processing capabilities. The courses are designed to better acquaint clinicians and scientists with the tools and technologies available in this important field.
  • guides the CTSC participants about available resources in the use of imaging as part of clinical translational research.
  • develops, through the Harvard Catalyst Medical Imaging Informatics Bench to Bedside Initiative (mi2b2) and cross-institutional harmonization efforts, medical imaging informatics to support the clinical and translational research community and enable current and future large-scale medical image data exploration.

Key Personnel

Sites Imaging Consortium Personnel
MGH.png Bruce Rosen, Director
Randy Gollub, Co-Director
Gordon J. Harris, Consultant
William Hanlon, Consultant
BIDMC.png Valerie Humblet, Medical Imaging Liaison
BWH.png Clare Tempany, Consultant
Ron Kikinis, Consultant
Charles Guttmann, Consultant
Todd Perlstein, Consultant
Gordon Williams, PI for CTSC Translational Technologies
Children's.png Stephan Voss, Consultant
Simon Warfield, Consultant
DFCI.png Annick D. Van den Abbeele,Consultant
Jeffrey Yap, Consultant and Director of Education

Upcoming Events

Multicenter Clinical Trial working group

The objective of this group is the establishment of an infrastructure to support multi-center imaging projects.

Harvard Catalyst Medical Imaging Informatics mi2b2 initiative

On September 24, 2009, Harvard Catalyst was awarded an ARRA administrative supplement to enable clinical imaging data to be used for secondary research purposes.

Medical Imaging Informatics and Data Management

Use Cases and Development of Goals

MRI Compatible Physiological Monitoring System

Here you can find Information for users about the specifications of a monitoring system supported by Harvard Catalyst. There is also information about the LabChart software.

Past Events

2011 meetings




JIRA system

We use JIRA to monitor our consultation requests. Here are some information for our consultants: links to the user guide, screenshots and the website

External imaging core collaborative efforts

The Harvard Catalyst Imaging Consortium integrates with national clinical and translational efforts through the CTSA Imaging Working Group and Steering Committee

Additional Resources

BIRN-logo.jpg Biomedical Informatics Research Network
BIRN Imaging Resources BIRN Training Resources
NAMIC 380x463.jpg National Alliance for Medical Image Computing
NA-MIC Resources NA-MIC Training Resources
Logo nac.gif Neuroimage Analysis Center
Resources Training Resources

The Harvard CTSC Imaging Consortium would like to thank its gracious host NA-MIC for providing communication tools to facilitate the rapid deployment of expertise in medical imaging acquisition, analysis and visualization to clinical translational investigators.

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