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confocal microscopy image of a Zebrafish embryo .

The Megason Lab


. [1]

Key Investigators

  • Sean Megason (Caltech - Harvard Medical School)
  • Alex. Gouaillard (Caltech - Harvard Medical School)
  • Titus Brown (Caltech - U of Mich.)
  • Kishore Rao (Harvard Medical School)
  • Arnaud Gelas (Harvard Medical School)

2008 January: Project Event 6

This event is scheduled for January 7-11, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah. More...

The GoFigure project will be present and will focus on finishing a cross-plateform / 64 bits version of the Code. The GUI need to be ported to KWwidget, and the core code to be freed of MFC. The corresponding GoFigure project page

We will also lead a "Geometry and Topology processing of meshes" breakout session in collaboration with Prof. GU from SUNY STonny Brook, and Luca Antiga, from Italia. the breakout session page.

Picture of the event taken by Jeffrey Hawley

2007 June: Project Event 5

The fifth NA-MIC Project event was concluded at MIT on June 29, 2007. This was the largest hands-on project event in the three year history of NA-MIC with 41 active projects and peak attendance of 90. Of the 85 registered attendees, 35 were NA-MIC participants, 46 external collaborators, and 2 representatives from the External Advisory Board and the NIH. The external collaborators were from 13 Institutions.More...

The Megason Lab was represented by Alex. Gouaillard and sean Megason. It was the first official appearance of GoFigure as an external project and the beginning of a collaboration with NA-MIC. The corresponding GoFigure project page