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DTI data:

  • 3 Tesla GE system was used to acquire data (General Electric Medical Systems, Milwaukee, WI)
  • We used Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) DTI Tensor acquisiton with double echo option enabled, in order to reduce eddy-current related distortions.
  • 8 Channel Head Coil was used to reduce the impact of EPI spatial distortions, and ASSET (Array Spatial Sensitivity Encoding Techniques, GE) with a SENSE-factor (speed-up) of 2 was used.
  • Acquisition parameters were as follows: 51 directions with b=700, 8 baseline scans with b=0, TR 17000 ms, TE 78 ms, FOV 24 cm, 144 x 144 encoding steps, 1.7 mm slice thickness. The total scan time for the sequence was 17 minutes.