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Previous rendering pipeline

Key Investigators

  • SPL: Raimundo Sierra, David Gobbi, Steve Pieper


Improving the performance of slicer display

Approach, Plan

  1. doing the resample to a 'native' size for the input volume and then upsampling to screen size still sounds best.
  2. using a vtkImageActor in the vtkSlicerSliceViewer (instead of the current vtkImageMapper and vtkActor2D) is likely to be faster, and can do the upsample needed in step (1),
  3. using a vtkImageActor for the slice model in the vtkSlicerViewer will bypass the power-of-2 resampling in vtkTexture that gives the artifacts I hate
  4. David thinks we should be able to use the existing functions of vtkImageReslice to get the background mask. He didn't thing having a two-output filter was a good idea based on his experience with the way the vtk pipeline executes.


  1. Implemented filter with aditional output, significantly faster rendering of slices
  2. Integrated building of alpha mask into one filter in form of a derived class from vtkReslice -> avoids multiple iterations through dataset
  3. TODO: integrate map to color and map to window level


Additional Information

Slides with diagrams about the slicer rendering pipeline