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Mean Image before registration
Mean Image after registration
STD Image before registration
STD Image after registration
Registration results on a synthetic dataset of 30 MR images.

Key Investigators

  • MIT: Serdar K Balci, Polina Golland, Lilla Zollei, Sandy Wells
  • Kitware: Luis Ibanez


We extended a previously demonstrated entropy based groupwise registration method to include a free-form deformation model based on B-splines.

The objective in groupwise registration is to bring subjects in a population into joint alignment in order to establish correspondences among anatomical structures.

Approach, Plan

  • Implement a non-rigid groupwise registration method
    • Joint alignment of images
    • Minimize sum of univariate entropies
    • Efficient implementation using multi-threaded classes.
  • B-splines as the non-rigid deformation model
    • Optimize ITK's B-Spline implementation by computing jacobian field locally
  • Extended ITK's pairwise registration framework to groupwise registration
  • To compare groupwise registration to pairwise approaches
    • Implemented a template based method where every subject is registered to the mean image using sum of squared differences.


Our project is already implemented in ITK, in this workshop we achieved to

  • Submit the project to ITK's Namic SANDBOX repositories link to code
  • Provide test cases using ITK's Brainweb data link to data
  • Submit test results to the dashboard
  • Make modifications to the source code for memory efficiency
  • Build a package for Insight Journal submission (in progress)