2005 AHM: Society for Neuroscience Planning

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Needs more details!!

  • Specific goals (please confirm!)
    • Show the BEC a Portal prototype that addresses:
      • A standardized distribution platform with samples of:
        • Distribution of software available from each of the testbeds (includes licensing)
        • Distribution of data available from each of the testbeds.
        • Access to the data/tools that addresses questions like these: How will the user access them? What will the user have to agree to or give to access them (e.g. an email address)? How will the user know what to do with them once they have access (e.g. a common tutorial format?
      • A quality control plan for uploading data or software tools onto the distribution platform
      • A maintenance plan for the distribution platform

  • Attendants
    • BEC: who can make it??
    • Other:
      • Jeff, Randy, Jessica, Jorge, Jyl

  • Homework workplan until Oct Thu 20
    • Agree on template for distribution platform: GUI for BIRN members uploading tools and/or data, GUI for users, backend
    • Confirm which data/software will be part of the prototype, from each testbed
    • fBIRN/mBIRN human data distribution: what needs to be approved before allowing it?
    • During the process of uploading these examples onto the distribution platform, examine quality control and maintenance issues (for next 5 years at least).
    • Agree on iterations for us to test these various things
    • Who is responsible for what? What needs to be delegated?

  • Agenda