2005 AHM Planning: Workflows/Analyses Working Group

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  • Morphometry BIRN: Shawn Murphy
  • Function BIRN: David Keator, Doug Greve
  • Mouse BIRN:
  • BIRN CC: Abel Lin, Jeffrey Grethe


  • Tuesday, October 18
    • 2pm - 6pm
    • Overview of Current Workflow strategies
      • Review of progress and current methodologies. A follow-up on progress since July 18th Workflow meeting
    • Workflows (Interaction with Data and Data-Integration Working Group)
      • Utilization of workflow tools for data upload and download
      • Integration of workflows into database environment for launching of analyses and capturing of results and data provenance
      • Requirements gathering

  • Wednesday, October 19
    • 8:30am - noon
    • Workflow Working Group
      • Working meeting - Topics TBD
    • Afternoon
      • A summary report from the group will be presented to the whole BIRN group, outlining the milestones/dates/names agreed by the group.


Possible Participants at AHM

  • Morphometry BIRN: Randy Gollub, Anthony Kolasny, Burak Ozyurt, Cooper Roddey, Dominic Holland, Martina Panzenboeck
  • Function BIRN: David Keator, Dingying Wei, Syam Gadde, Wendy Plesniak, Haiying Liu, Burak Ozyurt (IT side), Randy Notestine; Doug Greve, Greg Brown, Lee Friedman (if getting into analyses)
  • Mouse BIRN: Michael Pan, Art Toga, Allan MacKenzie-Graham, Alexandra Badea
  • BIRN CC: Abel Lin, Vicky Rowley, Jeff Grethe(part-time), Mark James (part-time)