2006 November Meshing Project Visit

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Location: SPL at 1249 Boylston, Boston MA.

Logistics: Boston_Hotels



  • Project Kickoff
  • Review of Meshing Work to Date
  • Review of Proposal Aims and Deliverables
  • Review of Current State of Slicer3
  • Specific Plans for Dividing Work
  • Milestones
    • Use NA-MIC AHM and Programmers Weeks to drive the timing
  • Data
    • 15 subjects (hands) scanned with MR and CT
    • Index finger manually segmented in all sujects
    • 10 subjects were disected and surface scans are available
    • Data is fairly clean, and initial tests using ICP have shown good overlap in distance measurements


Monday, Nov 6th

  • 9pm Arrival - UA 7606

Tuesday, Nov 7th

  • 9-12 Get started at 1249 Boylston [1]
    • Update on Iowa progress since proposal (Nicole, Vince, Kiran)
    • Update on Slicer3 (Steve)
    • Review of work plans to reflect current development progress (all)
  • 12-2 Meshing Algorithm lunch and discussion (with Simon at 1249 Boylston)
  • 3pm Slicer Developers meeting / tcon (1249 Boylston)
  • Work sessions
  • Flesh out Wednesday Agenda
  • Dinner

Wednesday, Nov 8th

  • 1pm SPL Journal Club (3rd floor Thorn building)
  • 7pm Departure - UA 547


  • Iowa: Vince, Nicole, Kiran
  • Isomics: Steve, Curt
  • BWH: Simon, Ron, Tina (as needed)