2006 Project Week MIT Migrating Slicer2.x Modules to Slicer3

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Integrate Slicer 2 modules into Slicer 3.


This project is closely tied in with Porting Slicer to VTK5.

Nicole's focus will be porting the Model Maker module from Slicer 2.7 to Slicer 3.0.

Will work in conjunction with Slicer 3 for IGT Conversion.


File:2006 Summer Project Week Migrating Slicer2x Modules to Slicer3.ppt

By the end of the week:

Porting to VTK5:

Model Maker:

  • created a stand alone executable that can be called from Slicer 3
  • adjusted the initial UI xml file a little to accomodate changed decimation parameter
  • converted Slicer 2.7 TCL code that accessed VTK 4.x classes to C++ code that uses VTK 5.0 classes
  • verified model creation:
    • create the model in Slicer 3 from a NRRD file
    • load same NRRD file in Slicer 2 and create a model
    • load Slicer 3 model into Slicer 2 and verify orientation and scale
  • TBD: loading and display of models in Slicer 3

Project Page

Please see Slicer 3 Transition of Slicer 2.x Modules.


  • Nicole Aucoin - Core 2
  • Mathieu Malaterre - Core 2
  • Katie Hayes - Core 2
  • Bill Lorensen - Core 2

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