2007 Core 1 Meeting

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  • May 30 -
    • 8:30am Remarks (Whitaker)
      • Introductions
      • Discuss goals and agenda
    • 9:00am Driving Biological problems (Guidelines for talks)
      • Marek Kubicki - Harvard/B&W Slides
      • Gabor Fichtinger - Johns Hopkins Slides
      • (break)
      • H. Jeremy Bockholt - Mind Institute Slides
      • Heather Cody Hazlett - UNC slides
    • 11:30pm Core 1 Coordinate Discussion
      • A preliminary discussion in preparation for agenda items on Thurs afternoon. For example --- software dissemination.
    • 12:00pm Lunch
    • 1:00pm Invited Talk: Daniel Rueckert. "Quantification of brain development during early childhood using non-rigid registration". (talk announcement)
    • 2:00-4:30pm Core 1 presentations
      • John Melonakos (Georgia Tech) - "PDE methods for Image Segmentation and Shape Analysis: From the Brain to the Prostate and Back" Slides
      • Bruce Fischl (MGH) "Predicting architectonic boundaries from folding patterns"
      • Serdar Balci (MIT), "Group-wise registration in NAMIC-kit" Slides
      • Break
      • Guido Gerig (UNC), "DTI atlas building with application to PNL SZ study (C. Goodlett)" Slides
      • Not presented: Guido Gerig (UNC), "Cortical Thickness calculation based on 3D Distance Transform" Slides
      • Tom Fletcher (Utah), "Volumetric Connectivity for analysis of DTI"
    • 4:30-6:00pm Break out sessions with DPBs
  • May 31
    • 8:30am Core 1 presentations
      • Utah "Nonparametric Shape Modeling of Object Complexes" (Speaker TBD)
      • Guido Gerig (UNC) "UNC Shape Analysis (M. Styner, I. Oguz)" Slides/ "Constructing Image Graphs for Lesion Segmention (M. Prastawa)" Slides
      • (break)
      • Mert Sabuncu (MIT), "Warp Regularization and Atlas Sharpness" ‎ Slides
      • Gheorghe Postelnicu (MGH), "5D warping: integrating volume and surface information"
      • John Melonakos (Georgia Tech) - "PDE methods for DWMRI Analysis and Image Registration" Slides
    • 12:30pm Lunch
    • 1pm Strategic planning, software
      • Progress/interactions with DBPs
      • Software contributions and Core 2 interactions
        • Jim Miller (GE Research), "Slicer3 Update", Slides
      • Performance assessment and renewal
    • 5pm Finish


Dates: May 30-31, 2007.

Please plan to travel on May 29, so that we can start in the morning of May 30. The meeting will be two full days; please plan to stay until 5pm on May31.

Location: MIT.

The meeting will take place in the Kiva conference room, on the 4th floor of Stata Center. We will post signs in the building, directing you to the conference room.

Food: Breakfast and lunch will be provided on May 30-31. We will also organize people into groups to go out for dinner on May 30. There are plenty of restaurants around Central Square and MIT.

Hotel: There is no official hotel for the meeting. Here is some information about Boston area hotels that are convenient to NA-MIC events: Boston_Hotels. Please book your rooms early.


  1. Ross Whitaker (Utah)
  2. Polina Golland (MIT)
  3. Ron Kikinis (BWH)
  4. Guido Gerig(UNC)
  5. Heather Cody Hazlett (UNC Autism DBP)
  6. Allen Tannenbaum (Georgia Tech)
  7. John Melonakos (Georgia Tech)
  8. H. Jeremy Bockholt (MIND/UNM)
  9. Harvard Core 3: Marek Kubicki
  10. Mert R Sabuncu (MIT CSAIL)
  11. Lilla Zollei (NMR, MGH)
  12. Serdar K Balci (MIT CSAIL)
  13. Ulas Ziyan (MIT)
  14. Tom Fletcher (Utah)
  15. Josh Cates (Utah - tentative)
  16. Gabor Fichtinger (JHU)
  17. Jim Miller (GE Research)
  18. Dennis Jen (MGH)
  19. Sandy Wells (BWH, MIT)
  20. Marc Niethammer (BWH, Core 3)
  21. Wanmei Ou (MIT)
  22. Purang Abolmaesumi (Queen's)
  23. Steve Pieper (Isomics, Core 2)
  24. Peng Yu (HST/MIT)
  25. Gheorghe Postelnicu (MGH)
  26. Bruce Fischl (MGH)
  27. CF Westin (LMI)